Engineered wood product manufacturers

Replace logs - with wood fiber from logging residues

By using our plants to processing logging residues, you can now make high quality engineered boards products from up to:

  • 100% logging residue

Cheaper wood fiber feedstock

Clean white wood fiber produced from logging residue can be up to:

  • 33% cheaper than wood fiber from pulp wood or primary or secondary wood chips

Cheaper boiler fuel

The boiler fuel output from our plants is much cheaper than the cost of using bark from de-barked logs. The boiler fuel output can be as much as:

  • 40% cheaper than boiler fuel from bark

Low processing cost

Our fully automated plants are designed from the ground up to use very little power and be very cost effective. The operating cost of the biomass refinery modules is from as low as:

  • $4 per ton

Fast return on investment

Our processing plants will give you a fast return on investment. Depending upon the size of the plant modules you chose, you could get a payback on your investment is as little as:

  • 2 1/2 years

Blending fibers 

You can blend clean wood fiber from logging residues with other feedstocks to achieve the optimal savings to meet the product specification you require. Blending percentages will depend upon the mix of species, chemical analysis, moisture and residual ash content and quantities of locally available material.

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