Quality wood fiber

The quality white wood fiber output from processing logging residue with our plants, can be used in place of chipped de-barked pulp wood logs or primary or secondary chips to manufacture:

  • Industrial or residential wood pellets
  • Particle board and MDF panels
  • Pulp and paper products

Boiler fuel

The biomass fuel output from processing logging residues with our plants, can be used as a direct replacement for bark or hog fuel for boilers and industrial dryers in:

  • Wood pellet mills
  • Engineered wood product manufacturing plants
  • Paper mills
The boiler fuel can also be used directly as a fuel for biomass power stations and biomass CHP power plants.

Biofuel feedstock

Our plants can also be used to pre-process logging residue to produce quality wood fiber, as a feedstock for a biorefinery to produce:

  • Biofuels such as ethanol, gasoline or jet fuel 
  • Biochemicals such as chemical building blocks (CBB)

If you are interested in finding our more, please contact us for further information.