BR50 LR processing plant

This plant is designed to recover the higher value 'white wood fiber' from logging residues (also known as woody biomass, forest harvest residues or slash), comprising of unmerchantable trees and the tops and limbs of trees removed during forest harvesting operations. 

The BR50 LR is designed to process up to 50,000 tonnes per annum of chipped logging residues. A larger BR100 LR plant is available and additional plant modules can be combined to match the required capacity.

Process plant outputs

The outputs from the process plant module are:

  • White wood fiber - which can be used in place of wood fiber from de-barked pulp wood logs or primary or secondary chips 
  • Biomass fuel - which can be used in place of bark, hog fuel, unprocessed logging residue or other forms of biomass to fuel biomass dryers

The white wood fiber output has a low residual ash content compared to unprocessed logging residue. This white wood fiber can be blended with other feedstock's to most economically produce the final product specification required. 

Wood fiber output

The wood fiber output is in the form of 'chunks' of wood without bark, typically 10 - 50mm in any one direction. These can be size reduced to microchips as required.

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