High wood fiber output

The plants have been designed to recover the maximum amount of wood fiber from logging residues - at the minimum cost. We even have 'branch peeling technology' to recover the white wood fiber from small branches.

Using our plants to process logging residue you can recover up to:

  • 86% clean white wood fiber


Process plant inputs

The plants are designed to process logging residues to recover the higher value 'white wood fiber'. Logging residues comprise of the tops and limbs of trees removed during forest harvesting operations and whole un-merchantable trees. Logging residue is also known as woody biomass, forest harvest residues, slash and trash.


Process plant outputs

The outputs from the process plants are:

  • White wood fiber - which can be used in place of wood fiber from de-barked pulp wood logs or primary or secondary chips 
  • Boiler fuel - which can be used in place of bark, hog fuel, unprocessed logging residue or other forms of biomass to fuel industrial boiler and dryers
  • Fine topsoil - a mixture of sand, soil and fine particles of bark and wood fiber


Three plant sizes available

We offer three sizes of logging residue process plant, designed to operate 8,000 hours a year:

  • BR100 – with a capacity of processing up to 100,000 tons/year
  • BR200 – with a capacity of processing up to 200,000 tons/year 
  • BR300 - with a capacity of processing up to 300,000 tons/year


If you are interested in finding our more, please contact us for further information.